The simple, inexpensive, effective, and
interior foundation drainage system

Whether building a new home, or solving a moisture problem in an existing structure, Leak-Bye's proven and innovative products divert moisture, giving you a dry basement every time.*

Our Interior Foundation Drainage System is an innovative lower drainage system used to divert inside moisture from foundation leaks and condensation to the floor slab drainage system below. Used by award winning builders since 1997, it can be easily installed by your local building contractor.

Use the Interior Foundation Drainage System in conjunction with our Leak-Bye Foundation Wrap for superior leak protection.

If you are concerned about the presence of Radon gas, check out our Radon Ready Vent. Use with the Leak-Bye Interior Foundation Drainage System to provide complete moisture and Radon gas control.

The Leak-Bye Family of Products…

*with correct installation