How to Install Leak-Bye

Leak-Bye Interior Foundation Drainage System (IFDS) is an innovative lower drainage system used to divert inside moisture from foundation leaks and condensation to the floor slab drainage system below. Used by award winning builders, Leak-Bye IFDS is essential for new-construction as well as retro-fit applications.

Installation Instructions (New Construction)

  1. Sweep footings clean.
  2. Unroll Leak-Bye around foundation and cut to required length.
  3. Set Leak-Bye on footing with lettered side up foundation wall
  4. Push Leak-Bye into place to form a 90 degree angle between the wall and footing. Nail to footing and wall as required, at 24" o/c with 1" cement nails. Wall nails should be below floor finish line. (For ease of installation, Leak-Bye should be installed as soon as forms are removed.)
  5. Joints in Leak-Bye should be overlapped at least 6 inches.
  6. For inside and outside corners cut footing portion (horizontal side) of Leak-Bye to allow it to fold around corners.
  7. Install Leak-Bye foundation wrap on inside of foundation wall. The Leak-Bye foundation wrap is to be nailed to the plate and allowed to hang loose down the wall.
  8. Tuck lower end of Leak-Bye foundation wrap behind Leak-Bye. Allow foundation wrap to hang loose on wall for free water drainage.
  9. Note: In areas where soil gas is evident the drainage system under floor slab is to be vented by approved method.

Retro-fit Applications

  1. Cut back concrete floor along the wall
  2. Install 4 inch drainage tile and stone (if not already existing)
  3. Follow step 3–9 above
  4. Repour concrete floor up to Leak-Bye