Leak-Bye Interior Foundation Drainage System

Say Good-Bye to Wet Basements!

Leak-Bye Interior Foundation Drainage System (IFDS) is an innovative lower drainage system used to divert inside moisture from foundation leaks and condensation to the floor slab drainage system below. Used by award winning builders since 1997, Leak-Bye IFDS is essential for new-construction as well as retro-fit applications.

Traditionally in above grade masonry house-wrap and a waterproof membrane are used to direct water to drain holes at the base of the brick work and out over the foundation. The traditional system can now be extended to include basements, using our innovative Leak-Bye Interior Foundation Drainage System.

Leak-Bye is used in conjunction with Leak-Bye Foundation Wrap or other approved breather type foundation wrap, applied on the interior of the foundation. This feature allows conventional breathing and retains accumulating condensation or seepage from above or below grade, directing it down the wall and over the footing, to drain away normally via standard drainage. Complete moisture control is now achieved with the traditional upper and new lower Leak-Bye systems acting simultaneously.

Leak-Bye is cement nailed on the wall before the floor is poured and is easily chalked to mark floor levels. Nailing is performed below the finish floor level.

Leak-Bye comes with specially designed "curf cuts" permitting it to be folded at 90 degree angles. This feature diverts moisture freely down the wall and over the footing to standard drainage, at the same time forming a control joint along walls and over footings, easily allowing natural floor shrinkage to occur without the effects of bondage or binding. At the same time a barrier is established creating favorable R2000 air leakage test results.

Testing has proven that breather type foundation wrap keeps the moisture next to the wall and channels it behind the Leak-Bye more effectively than traditional tar paper. Upon completion, the Leak-Bye system is easily inspected at any time before drywall installation. Outside drainage systems are virtually impossible to inspect for possible damage after backfilling.

Simple, Inexpensive, Effective, Proven. Leak-Bye is your best defense against water penetration!